The 61st Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society for Artificial Organs

Information for Participants

Registration Period

  • Early bird registration:
    From September 5, 2023 (at noon JST) To October 23, 2023 (at noon JST)
  • Late registration:
    From October 23, 2023 (after noon JST) To November 11, 2023 (at 5pm JST)

Registration Fee

Registration Category Early bird Late
Member / Physicians, Researchers, company officials ¥14,000 ¥16,000
Non-Member / Physicians, Researchers, company officials ¥17,600 ¥19,800
Member / nurses, allied professionals, junior residents ¥7,000 ¥8,000
Non-Member / nurses, allied professionals, junior resident ¥8,800 ¥9,900
Member / Students *Except for graduate students with a medical license ¥2,000 ¥3,000
Non-Member / Students *Except for graduate students with a medical license ¥2,200 ¥3,300
Registration Fee for Social gathering
[November 10 (Fri.), 2023 at 7:00pm-8:30pm (JST)]
¥4,400 ¥6,600

* Residents up to 2 years after graduation are qualified for “Junior residents.”

* Graduate students with a medical license are not permitted to register as “Students” category.

* In the case of registration as a wrong category, the difference from the correct classification will be charged.

* Registration Fee:
-Member: Tax free
-Non-Member: 10% including tax

* Registration Fee for Social gathering: both Member and Non-Member: 10% including tax

Registration Procedure

  • Through Online registration system:
    - Payment is made in Japanese Yen by credit cards.
    - The instruction in the system of registration and payment is written in Japanese.
    * For online registration conducted in Japanese, please register from here.
  • Non-online system registration:
    Please send an e-mail to the secretariat (
    * Please include each information hereunder;
    - Title: Registration for JSAO2023
    - In the mail: Name, Affiliation, Member or Non-Member, and your registration category
    - Those who would like to register categories, excepts for those of “Physicians, Researchers, and company officials, are required to attach a proper certificate to the mail.
    - Nurse, and allied professionals: employee ID
    - Junior residents: certificate written by their immediate supervisor
    - Students: students ID

Certificate Form for junior residents

Times and Location for reception desk

Location: Hotel East 21 Tokyo

Date Time Location
November 9 (Thu.) 9:00am-4:30pm (JST) Lobby at 3rd Floor
November 10 (Fri.) 8:00am-6:00pm (JST) Lobby at Ground (1st) Floor
November 11 (Sat.) 8:00am-4:00pm (JST) Lobby at Ground (1st) Floor

Luncheon Seminar

In order to avoid overcrowding at the luncheon seminars, tickets for each luncheon seminar will be distributed each day at the Desk for Luncheon Seminar Tickets at the Lobby of Ground Floor (1st Floor).

* In November 9th: No luncheon seminars will be conducted. Participants will enable to get light meal at the Lobby of 3rd Floor between 12:00pm (noon) and 1:30 pm (JST).

  • The Desk for Luncheon Seminar Tickets
    -November 10 (Fri.) : 8:00am - 12:20 pm (JST)
    -November 11 (Sat.) : 8:30am - 11:50 am (JST)

Social gathering / Award Ceremony

Date and Time: November 10 (Fri.) 7:00pm - 8:30pm (JST)
Venue: Room 1 (Hotel East 21 Tokyo)

  • Early bird registration *By October 23 at noon (JST)·····4,400JPY (tax included)
  • Late and onsite registration························ 6,600JPY (tax included)

* In order to join, you are required to register prior or the day of the meeting.

* In the party, awards ceremony for poster session for exploratory and the presentation award of JSAO61 will be held.